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Complaint Status
Complaint Status
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Complaints - RIA


Clients queries / complaints may arise due to lack of understanding or a deficiency of service experienced by clients. Deficiency of service may include lack of explanation, clarifications, understanding which escalates into shortfalls in the expected delivery standards, either due to inadequacy of facilities available or through the attitude of staff towards client.


  • Clients can seek clarification to their query and are further entitled to make a complaint in writing, orally or telephonically. An email may be sent to the Client Servicing Team on info@wealthnvalue.com. Alternatively, the Investor may call on +91 9009199364
  • A letter may also be written with their query/complaint and posted at the below mentioned address: Wealth N Value Investment Advisor , 1Office No. 114, DM Tower 21 1 Race Course Road, INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, 452001
  • Clients can write to the Compliance Officer at Compliance@wealthnvalue.com if the Investor does not receive a response within 10 business days of writing to the Client Servicing Team. The client can expect a reply within 10 business days of approaching the Compliance Officer.
  • In case you are not satisfied with our response you can lodge your grievance with SEBI at http://scores.gov.in or you may also write to any of the offices of SEBI. SCORES may be accessed thorough SCORES mobile application as well, same can be downloaded from below link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.sebi236330
  • ODR Portal could be accessed, if unsatisfied with the response. Your attention is drawn to the SEBI circular no. SEBI/HO/OIAE/OIAE_IAD-1/P/CIR/2023/131 dated July 31, 2023, on "Online Resolution of Disputes in the Indian Securities Market. A common Online Dispute Resolution Portal (ODR Portal) which harnesses conciliation and online arbitration for resolution of disputes arising in the Indian Securities Market has been established. ODR Portal can be accessed via the following link - https://smartodr.in/

Trend of monthly disposal of complaints

Sr.No.MonthCarried forward from previous monthReceivedResolved*Pending#
1Dec 20170000
2jan 20180000
3feb 20180000
4mar 20180000
5April 20180000
6may 20180000
7june 20180000
8july 20180000
9aug 20180000
10sep 20180202
11oct 20180020
12nov 20180211
13dec 20180230
14jan 20190220
15feb 20190000
16mar 20190202
17April 20190112
18may 20190011
19June 20190203
20july 20190223
21aug 20190113
22sep 20190214
23oct 20190013
24nov 20190122
25dec 20190002
26jan 20200121
27feb 20200010
28mar 20200000
29april 20200000
30may 20200000
31june 20200110
32july 20200000
33aug 20200000
34sep 20200000
35oct 20200000
36nov 20200000
37dec 20200000
38jan 20210000
39feb 20210000
40mar 20210000
41April 20210000
42may 20210000
43june 20210000
44july 20210000
45aug 20210000
46sep 20210000
47oct 20210000
48nov 20210000
49dec 20210000
50jan 20220000
51feb 20220000
52mar 20220000
53April 20220000
54may 20200000
55Jun, 20220000
56Jul, 20220000
57Aug, 20220000
58Sep, 20220000
59Oct, 20220000
60Nov, 20220000
61Dec, 20220000
62Jan, 20230000
63Feb, 20230000
64Mar, 20230000
65Apr, 20230000
66May, 20230000
67Jun, 20230000
68Jul, 20230000
69Aug, 20230000
70Sep, 20230000
71Oct, 20230000
72nov 230000
73dec 230000
74jan 240000
75feb 240000
76mar 240000
 Grand Total021210

March 2024 Month Complaints

Received fromPending last monthReceivedResolvedPending over 3 monthsAverage resolution timeTotal pending
SEBI Scores000000
Other Sources000000

*Inclusive of complaints of previous months resolved in the current month.

#Inclusiveof complaints pending as on the last day of the month.

Trend of annual disposal of complaints

SNYearCarried forward from previous yearReceivedResolved*Pending#

*Inclusive of complaints of previous years resolved in the current year.

#Inclusiveof complaints pending as on the last day of the year.

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