Long Term Positional

A product designed for Mid-to-long term investors who are looking for a passive investment strategy. It follows the classic Value Investing Strategy.

What: A Portfolio of 12 -15 Stocks based on Fundamental & Technical Analysis 

Whom: Mid-to-Long term Investors.

Ideal for: Investors who wish to invest for Mid-to-Long term in equity market.

Product Description: In This Investing strategy, stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic values are selected. Market, sometimes, overreacts to good and bad news, resulting in price movements not corresponding to company’s long-term fundamentals; providing a good opportunity to invest. This value buying strategy-based stock selection gives good upside return potential in mid-to-long term.


Minimum Investment: INR 200,000

Recommendation Frequency: Once (12-15 stocks)

Delivery  Medium: Email

Follow up: Monthly report with performance update (rebalancing if any)

Holding Period: 6-12 Months

Valuation Time Period: 12 Months