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  • This service is available for F&O traders who are trading in Index i,e Nifty, Banknifty & Finnifty with limited capital.
  • You will get limited and high quality 7 to 10 trades in a week which are based on Technical Analysis
  • Trades are provided through  SMS 
  • Initial Capital requirement will be Rs 7-8 lakh depending upon brokers margin requirement
  • We provide one Dedicated Relationship Manager to provide you proper entry and exit on time and also support in all kind of situations.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager will be your one point of contact in case of any query and also you will get his seniors number in case of any further guidance is required.
  • Quality trading and efficiency in our services will be our top priority.
  • Highly customer oriented service focusing on purely customer satisfaction.
  • We may extend service duration in case you are not getting satisfied results.
  • We always try to maintain quality and good satisfaction ratio in our services but we dont provide any kind of promissory returns.

* Buy nifty Future above 18000 SL 17960 Target 18060-18070

* Nifty Future reached 18070 and made high of 18074 Kindly book profit in Intraday.

* Buy Banknifty 43000 ce above 205 Sl 270 Target 150. Current Week Expiry 

* Exit Banknifty 43000 ce Sl @ 270 Triggered.

* Buy Finnifty 18000 ce Above 135 Sl 100 Target 180

* Book Profit in Finnifty 18000 ce Tgt @ 180 Achieved.

.Always trade on all recommendations that are given to you. 

  • Always trade with Proper Stoploss & Target. 
  • Dont  average in any Index F&O Recommendation  because it will double your risk. Always  follow proper risk management.
  • Dont  be emotional or greedy while trading. Always take profit home whenever you see good profit and Dont  panic in case of any reverse situation because ups and downs are part of market and hold your position with proper Stoploss.
  • Always take risk of your spare capital only. Dont  take loan or borrow money from anyone and trade in stock market
  • Investment and trading in the stock market are subject to market risk. You may lose partial or full amount of investment due to sudden or unexpected market crash so take risk of your spare capital only.
  • This is not a primary source of income. Stock market trading or investments are subject to market risk so dont depend on this earning.
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